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BCCC Student Management

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Forfatter: Stimulus Consultancy

British Columbia Creative Center(BCCC) is a creative center where students can learn and perform various creative activities. This app is free service for the teachers, students, and their parents. BCCC makes it easy for teachers to assign activities, keep track of classroom time, manage the schedule for students of different grades.
It also helps students and parents keep track of activities. They can check latest comments by a teacher on performance. Parents can track their kids’ attendance with the help of enhanced calendar feature. It also gives track of all the activities performed on the day and how many are remaining.
There are many benefits of using BCCC:
Easy to setup
Teachers can add students easily and manage their activities in an efficient manner.
Saves time
Easy to manage student attendance and activities will save the time of teachers. Paperless assignment of activities makes it less cluttered for teachers.
Enhances Communication
BCCC becomes a bridge between teachers and parents to keep track of their children’s activities. Parents can help their kids in activities the activities for better performance.